Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch, SpO2 & Stress Monitor, 3.63 cm(1.43″) HD Color Display, 60+ Sports Modes, Breathing Training, 50+ Watch Faces (Black)

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Last updated on February 8, 2023 2:53 pm
  • (SpO2) Blood-oxygen Level Measurement
  • Stress Monitoring with Breathing Training
  • Heart Rate Monitoring and PAI Heath Assessment System
  • 60+ Sports Modes and 5 ATM Water Resistance
  • Smart Notifications for Incoming Calls, Text Messages, Apps, and Calendars
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7 reviews for Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch, SpO2 & Stress Monitor, 3.63 cm(1.43″) HD Color Display, 60+ Sports Modes, Breathing Training, 50+ Watch Faces (Black)

2.9 out of 5
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  1. Rajat Rawat

    Just got the watch today. Initial look, the features are working average. This is my first fitness watch so getting hang of it. Alexa is not working properly.
    Will update after usage.

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  2. Rajat Rawat

    Actually don’t like to give a single star even. When I opened the box started to scan the QR code, it throws error saying code 2001not found. I have gone through some forums tried to fix the issue but found no luck. Such a waste of time and money. I placed this the very next minute to the sale started for this watch. Never get fooled by the hype shown in youtube. I doubt they are paid for the promotion.

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  3. Rambabu Kotha

    Update after 3 months usage:

    -Sleep tracker has gone drunk from past few days. As you can see in the photo, I slept at 1:31 in night and woke up at 8:29 in morning (which are correct records, kudos for this) which means I slept for 7 hours but it’s showing just 3:30 hrs. I mean it’s simple maths. Lol.

    -After disabling all trackings, I’m getting more than 10 days of runtime out of this(screenshot attached). Which is sufficient I guess. With all trackings on, you can get 5-7 days.

    -It had many small bugs when I purchased it, like spelling errors, not been able to turn off heart tracking, but in the recent software update they fixed aome of them, though the accuracy is same as it was, 70-85%.
    So yeah they might also fix this sleep tracking bug in the next update.

    -Also, get a screenguard for this since the screen is not fully scrach-proof.

    It’s a good watch but there are a lot of things that could be improved. I’m using this watch for 3 days and this is what I found-

    -pomodoro timer is effective for any focus work. I use this while reading.
    -have a lot of exercise modes. Though I don’t really use them.
    -alarm is effective. Always get me up.
    -can control songs and camera from this. Good feature.
    -magnetic charger is good and easy to connect

    -Unable to turn off full day heart rate tracking. It turns on automatically.
    -a lot of spelling mistakes.
    -steps counter is about 80-85% accurate.
    -i tested heart rate while on my exercise bike and it showed only 70-75% accuracy.
    -charged this watch to 95% on the first day and it have 50% battery on the 3rd day with full usage. So battery could be improved.
    -when I lift my hand to see the time, it takes about 1 sec for the watch to light up. This can be a little frustrating if you’re in hurry.
    -i tested it’s spO2 and stress tracker as well but not sure about their accuracy. Though I believe it’ll also be about 70-85% accurate.
    -sleep tracker is also not intelligent. Like if u went to bed at 11 and used your phone or book for 1 hour and went to sleep at 12 then it’ll count your sleep from 11 and not 12.

    Though I’m sure some of these cons will be improved by the next software update.

    So if you want to buy this watch then go for it if your main purpose isn’t heart rate tracking or other tracking and just want a smartwatch for alarm, timer, and other little stuff.

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  4. Rambabu Kotha

    The packaging used by Amazon was really good.
    Coming to the packaging of the watch itself, wow, the unboxing experience was comparable to that of APPLE products, really clean.
    And coming to the sensors, it has Heart rate and SpO2 sensors along with a 6 axis accelerometer.
    1. The Heart rate sensor works fines with a margin of error of 2-3 beats per min.
    2. The SpO2 sensor is not a gimmick, it works fine but not 100% accurate, it was of by nearly 2% every time.
    ** Both the sensors do no work if the watch is not on your hand**
    So both are just not for namesake and are functional.
    **It doesn’t have GPS built-in the only CON at this price.
    **The display is pretty good and gets adequately bright.
    Coming to the battery charging time, it takes around 1.5hrs for 30-100%.

    ***Update 1: The battery only lasts for 6 days, when HR set for continuous for every 10min, sleep tracking on and also notifications on for sedentary and calls and exercise tracking for 30 min a day.

    Checking SpO2 10 times a day manually and always on for stress measurement.

    Lifting the watch up to light the screen for nearly 50 times a day.
    I expected it to last for atleast 7 days though(claimed was 9 days).
    ***UPDATE 2: Using it for nearly 2 weeks now , received a firmware upgrade, and the accuracy of the SpO2 as well as the HR sensor have improved and also the battery life has improved to around 7 days now.

    ****UPDATE-3( 24th Jan 2021): Using it for almost 3 months now, I guess all the hugs ar fixed, most of the measruu are accurate, but the step counter sometimes registers steps even if I don’t walk :P.
    Battery life on average 7 days with HR every 10 min and stress measurement on and daily once O2 measurement and sleep tracking.
    The band is pretty comfortable, no skin irritation or discomfort.
    Received around 6-7 updates till now.

    This watch is a good budget choice based on my usage for almost 3 months now.

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  5. Suhail K.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Fully unsatisfied with the product step count is totally wrong it’s read a hand motion. Sit on chair to achieve ur need to run good thing is u burn ur calories also at same place on chair

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  6. Baccha bhayya

    I bought this watch after searching for a suitable multi-purpose pocket friendly smart watch. It is the watch with more than many options that we are not going to use regularly. But, all options that I expected are present.
    1. Battery life
    2. In built GPS
    3. Voice assistant to set alarm, stopwatch, reminder etc
    4. Music control from watch to mobile
    5. Remote mobile camera click
    6. Sports modes that need like running, walking, cycling, etc
    7. SpO2, BP, Sleep monitor etc
    8. Call, sms, app notification
    9. Clear and easy operation
    So, these are the things that I love in this watch.
    Best watch under 5K. Can buy if you are looking for all above features in the smart watch.

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  7. Suhail K.

    Features vice the product is good
    But this watch is not classy the display is very small the the case body made by plastic material.if you want to buy this watch for looking trendy or classy this watch is not for you. Go for gts2 mini.
    Design is very poor. Recommend not to buy

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    Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch, SpO2 & Stress Monitor, 3.63 cm(1.43″) HD Color Display, 60+ Sports Modes, Breathing Training, 50+ Watch Faces (Black)
    Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch, SpO2 & Stress Monitor, 3.63 cm(1.43″) HD Color Display, 60+ Sports Modes, Breathing Training, 50+ Watch Faces (Black)


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