AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate 90% – 1 kg | Protein 27g & BCAA 5.9g per serving

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Last updated on February 7, 2023 9:30 am
  • MAXIMUM PROTEIN PER SERVING: With 27 Grams Protein Per Serving, You Will Consume The Most Effective Product.
  • BUILDS MUSCLE MASS: This Whey Protein Isolate Is Rich Source Of Protein Which Aids In Growth And Maintenance Of Muscle Mass.
  • HIGH IN BCAAS: This High-Quality Isolate Is Rich In Branched Chain Amino Acids Leucine, Isoleucine And Valine, Which Gives That Ideal Push To Bodybuilders.
  • ALL NATURAL: As-It-Is Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate Is 100% Pure, Natural, and Unflavoured.
  • Free from any doping ingredients as per NADA / WADA.

8 reviews for AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate 90% – 1 kg | Protein 27g & BCAA 5.9g per serving

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  1. Amit kumar

    Isolate is the best source of protein. I will recommend to use AS IT IS whey due to its effective results. I have experienced change in myself. Just take one scoop post workout immediately for faster absorption of protein for muscle recovery.

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  2. Abhishek Kumar

    I took this protein 4kg, result 5% can say, after that in a gap of 7 days I started taking ON whey gold. Although the protein availability is less then asitis but The improvement visible in 7 days, after one month the result is almost more than 50% I guess. In terms of stamina, muscle gain etc.
    And this is 100 true fact. Using raw protein is totally waste of money also it make your stomach upset after long use due to lack of enzimes.
    The company should focus on the absorption of the protein than asitis concept. I think the company should improve the protein absorption in such way so, that the 90+% can be absorbed by body after that we can say it’s AS IT IS. Means 27g your body will get.

    Or may be the company is making fool by selling low quality whey protein coz the result is not as they are claiming.

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  3. Arun Vashist

    I would like to start with my problem digesting WPC, have tried ON, UN, MB, Sinew WPC proteins in hope to have something suitable for me but none worked, I’m not lactose intolerant, can easily digest milk, cheese and all dairy products but wpc caused serious diarreah, stomach cramps and mild paint that lasts for atleast 2 hrs starting from 30-45 mins of whey intake.

    My coach suggested to try WPI and I bought AsItIs WPI 250gms as trial pack, my first experience it’s 100 times easy for my stomach no pain, cramps and diarrhoea like symptoms but it do cause me bloating which is manageable as it last around 1 hr.

    250gms lasts for 10 days and I’m happy now I can go for this WPI instead of WPC. It’s unflavored, mixes easily with spoon, leaves no lumps and gulping is effortless and leaves no after taste in mouth.

    During ten days I do felt a energy in my workout, less soreness. Any muscle gain or stamina improvement may not be observable during this short period.

    I’m going to start Sinew Isolate 300 gms packs trial from tomorrow and will update the post about comparative analysis.

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  4. Ravi

    I have been using this product since 7-8 months on a regular basis. Although taste of the product is not good and it is in the raw form , it is good product for beginners. However, this month i ordered the same and I got duplicate product 🙁 . When I tried to mix protein powder with water, I found so much of foam which indicates it was not absorbed properly and after drinking it, first time I felt so much of grumpy and my stomach got upset. It is consensus that you should not buy protein powder online and I think it is true :’(

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  5. Gaurav Singh

    Protein to sahi…. dhoodh ka powder jasa h taste…
    But isko digest karna .. mushkil h . isiliye Koshish kare ek scoup ko adha adha karke consume kare…tabhi digest ho payega..pura..
    Kyuki may pura ek scoup jab lay rha to…mujhe gass kaa problem ho gya but..ab adha adha leta hu..
    Body may kafi change aya h..
    But guys …yeh protein sirf after workout recovery karne kay liye…sirf suplimemt lene say body nhi banti h..
    Workout or diet bhi matter karti pura iske bharosay mat raho.
    Yeh protein powders jitne bhi h.. sirf after workout hi use kartay kyuki.. workout kay baad humari body fast acting protein mangti h .jo jaldi say absorb ho humari muscles may …

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  6. Abhishek Rathi

    I suffered from pain in my stomach after taking this protein for 10 days. I visited doctor and did Liver tests and full body checkup. Liver had become damaged.

    The Liver fibroscan report shows damage to my Liver.

    I am on medicine since one month now. I am taking URSOCOL-SR 450mg for my liver.

    I have taken other proteins and have never faced such an issue. Believe me this protein can ruin your health.

    Better buy some costly protein and eat eggs, chickens etc. Your health will improve.

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  7. Abhishek Rathi

    i brought this protein regularly but this time they give me fake product..i want much bubble’s after concentration with water..its a fake product..!

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  8. Amit kumar

    Hello everyone i have read reviews of asitis whey isolated protien…regarding bloating and problem to digest this protien.. 1st of all i would like to say any whey protein if you start to consume for 1st time it always have digestion problem… You need to drink atleast 8 glass of water per day… And if you are talking more than 0.8gm per kg of body weight it definitely will give you trouble…Regarding problem in digestions .. bloating… And farting… Whey protein is supplement for muscles and it only help muscle to recover and no other magic science… I have ordered this whey protein after testing so many brands including ON ISOLATED WHICH I BOUGHT FROM THAILAND.. But no any whey protein given me such a good result other than asitis protein…
    Guys if you are consuming protein please before that do intense workout to tear muscles so that protein synthesis occurs… In simple words you should exercise that much ki your muscles should get teared… Than you can able to digest any protein..
    So dont blame any brand … Before blaming see where you are mistaking…

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    AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate 90% – 1 kg | Protein 27g & BCAA 5.9g per serving
    AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate 90% – 1 kg | Protein 27g & BCAA 5.9g per serving


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