Kapiva Vegan Protein – Chocolate | Post-workout Recovery | 100% Plant Based Nutrition, 850g

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Last updated on February 8, 2023 2:08 pm
  • VEGAN PROTEIN FOR POST-WORKOUT WELLNESS: Kapiva Vegan Protein sourced from plants contributes to post-workout muscle recovery and also helps reduce muscle soreness. This protein powder contains Chicory roots which are naturally digestible. This ingredient contains inulin which is a prebiotic which boosts your gut health.
  • LEAN PROTEIN SOURCES: This vegan protein for muscle wellness is a unique blend of 2 high-quality sources of protein – Rice Protein and Pea Protein. This kind of protein provides essential nutrients to the body while looking after the toning and health of your muscles. 
  • HOLISTIC NUTRITION: The composition of this plant-based protein fuels your body with adequate protein. It contains 26.9g complete Plant Protein, ~5g BCAA, 4.54g Glutamic Acid, and 0g sugar. It prevents muscle wear and tear, facilitates muscle support, and boosts energy levels. Formulated for muscle support and recovery, this vegan protein is rich in 26 essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • 100% PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: This vegan nutrition powder is 100% plant-based and contains 18 Amino Acids. Plant-based proteins are overall effective for health and free from side effects, unlike whey protein which might cause bloating and digestion-related problems. 
  • SAFETY & QUALITY ASSURED: The plant-based protein for post-workout muscle recovery is gluten-free and does not contain any added sugar. The lean protein is derived from natural sources and does not have any soy or whey protein. Take 1 scoop (35g) of our Vegan Protein Powder and add it to 300ml water. Mix/shake to blend well to get rid of lumps. Consume it as per your requirement to fulfill your daily protein intake.

7 reviews for Kapiva Vegan Protein – Chocolate | Post-workout Recovery | 100% Plant Based Nutrition, 850g

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  1. Ursa Maity

    This protein shake is excellent.
    It doesn’t taste bland as the chocolate flavour is noticeably good.
    I love the fact that it is vegan and clean.
    It’s definitely good for digestion and provides a lot of fibre.
    One should try it if they’re on a diet or working out.

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  2. Parmesh Chopra

    The media could not be loaded.

     Seller: Kapiva (Adret Retail Pvt. Ltd.)
    Price: 1299/- (Deal)
    Return Policy: No Returns or Replacement

    ⏩⏩ Why I Bought This:
    I am a vegetarian and my protein intake through regular food is very less. So I generally prefer to take protein drinks to balance that. It is important to chose the right Protein powder as along with protein there will be other ingredients too. I was using a protein powder that has a mix of Whey, Soy and Casein. I did not find much of an improvement and digestion was also an issue due to my slight resistance to dairy products, so I decided to shift to another protein.

    I chose the Kapiva Clean Protein because of the following reasons,
    👉 20 g Protein per serving (2 Scoops).
    👉 Free of Sugar, Gluten, Dairy or Soy.
    👉 Pure Veg.
    👉 No Preservatives.
    👉 Rice and Pea protein are great in energy conversion, easily digestible and rich in BCAAs.
    👉 Great option for Lactose Intolerant people.
    👉 The effects are comparable to whey Protein.
    👉 Boost in Metabolism due to the protein and vitamins.
    👉 Regulates Appetite.
    👉 As plant based protein, there’s fibre too.

    ⏩⏩ Taste:
    If you want to buy it for taste, then I would suggest to stay away. As there is no sugar, it has a sour taste with a slight hinge of chocolate. Tastes better with milk due to the sugar in it but what’s the point. I prefer chilled water and if you really can’t digest the sour taste, just add half tea spoon of sugar.

    ⏩⏩ Mixing:
    If using one scoop it mixes soon, but with 2 scoops, you need to mix for more time in order to avoid the powdery taste that’s more difficult to intake.

    ⏩⏩ Consumption:
    The advised method is to take 2 scoops at a time, but I prefer one scoop with Chilled water both in the morning and evening.
    Best results will be observed if consumed after some workout as it helps in muscle chain break.

    ⏩⏩ Conclusion:
    If you are someone who is not comfortable with whey protein and looking for an alternative one with no sugar, gluten and soy… then this is a very great option. The cost is not low or high. Just be aware that plant protein taste is not sweet like whey. As there’s no return policy buy only if you are OK with any taste and happy with the ingredients and output.

    Will update soon with it’s performance after regular use.

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  3. Parmesh Chopra

    Been buying this protein for the last 6 months. Kapiva has been a great brand and I have been one of the huge admirers of all their products. However, they too have fallen for the money bait. 

    1) They have changed the recipe for the protein powder chocolate flavour in this 850 g jar. The protein now tastes so artificial and has a clear synthetic additive taste. Huge put off. Very disappointing. The taste is now like they have put some sort of an agarbatti chemical in it. Having it with milk makes me feel I am having some sort of a medicine. In one month, how did things go down so drastically for Kapiva?

    2) They repckaged the 1 kg jar to 850 g. That is understandable given the input costs to be passed on to consumers. 

    I so wish and pray that they change to the old taste and jar soon. Otherwise customers like me are not coming back to this new adulterated flavour. Wasted 1400 Rs now I will have to drink this whole month.

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  4. saumilrs

    I knew from the start it would not mix like whey isolates or any whey based proteins. But the challenges were many more :
    1) 1 scoop of it took a long time to mix ..there doesn’t seem to be a good way to mix without making lumps…the lumps don’t easily dissolve with time. For 1 scoop, I needed probably 250-300 ml of water to eventually get it to the Thick liquid level for being drinkable
    2) Taste of the chocolate one is quite medicinal. I didn’t at all enjoy the flavour.
    3) after drinking a scoop I felt a little nauseous for some time…I tried this for 3 days but still the same result.

    Again, if you a hardcore vegan and need to have protein supplements, this could work. But you need to find the right way to dissolve the lumps. But there is definitely no way around the flavour.

    Recommended for staunch vegans but otherwise I am going back to whey isolates for now

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  5. Venky 📸

    I used this product once.
    I believed Kapiva is good brand.
    But it disappointed me in long run.
    All packaging is good.But matter is with quality of it.
    They added sucralose instead of stevia which is worst than white suger.
    And after consuming it i felt bloating and gas problem,which is really pathetic in long run.
    Don’t go for this product.
    Don’t waste your money on this waste vegan powder at all.

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  6. Avinash

    It is very surprising.. after i opened the box i consumed 25%of it which was ok but then one day i made the protien but it turned out to be so thick that i couldnt take it down my throat and was indigestible.. felt like puking.. i have been using this product since 6 months now every morning.. guess i wont ve anymore

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  7. Madhusudhan S.

    Ingredients listed on the box and showed in the screenshots on their website and Amazon do not mention Maltodextrin.

    But their website says it does contain it, and gives an excuse as to why its important. Its well known that Maltodextrin is a cheap additive to these kind of products and terrible for gut microbiome.

    I’m surprised that Indian food regulations do not catch this blatant fraud, how can they get away with not listing Maltodextrin on the item? Do not believe in all the other claims this company makes as well. This product is full of additives, like Xantham gum which makes this thick, Maltodextrin and who knows what. You’re better off with some other imported product.

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    Kapiva Vegan Protein – Chocolate | Post-workout Recovery | 100% Plant Based Nutrition, 850g
    Kapiva Vegan Protein – Chocolate | Post-workout Recovery | 100% Plant Based Nutrition, 850g


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