MuscleXP Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Powder With Digestive Enzymes, Unflavored, 1Kg (2.2lb)

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Last updated on February 5, 2023 4:18 am
  • PERFORMANCE NUTRITION: Each scoop of our MuscleXP Raw Whey Protein has 24g Protein with no added sugars. Customers choose Levels for a clean way to build lean muscle, enhance fitness and improve their overall health.
  • USA Imported Raw Whey Protein – MuscleXP Raw Whey Protein is Imported from US and Packed in India meeting the standards. Our whey is gluten free, soy free, antibiotic free, and contains no artificial flavors, no so-called “natural flavors”, no artificial sweeteners and no GMOs.
  • Whey is so effective because it provides a more absorbable source of protein than any other type of food or supplement, and it’s easy to digest. No wonder it has become one of the most popular protein supplements on the market today.
  • To use whey protein, simply add one scoop of a powder to any shake or smoothie, protein shakes is an easy and portable way to increase your daily protein consumption, build muscle mass and boost your immune system.
  • 4g of L-Glutamine and Over 5.15g of naturally occurring BCAAs per serving with a complete amino acid profile. 80g Pure Whey Protein per 100g Serving.

4 reviews for MuscleXP Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Powder With Digestive Enzymes, Unflavored, 1Kg (2.2lb)

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  1. Natarajan

    Total disappointment. I wonder whether this is protein at all. I usually purchase from which is very costly. Tried this product as it’s seems cheap. But will never buy again and won’t recommend to my friends.

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  2. Keshav Agarwal

    Been using it for almost a month and i have been working out for many years so I fairly understand product pros and cons when it comes to health supplements.
    Mixability – very poor “IF” you just want to shake it and consume. Try putting it in a blender or a mixture machine and let it churn for a few minutes then it will be properly mixed but even after that you will feel micro-tiny balls bursting in your mouth on drinking, so not a thumbs up on the mixing part.
    TASTE – unflavoured ofcourse, but even that unflavoured has a certain taste to it (hard to describe) but as far as i can be accurate it will give you a milkish taste on consuming and right after it has passed through your throat, the after taste it gives (the taste that lasts for a few seconds and which can be tasted while burps) is not pleasant at all, its very eww. So the company needs to work on that as well.
    RESULTS – in one month you won’t become a pro bodybuilder (with any protein so the people who claim they used for a month and no results they are certainly amateurs) i personally experienced that the whey is amazing when it comes to result, i can see the difference eventhough slight but there is a difinitive difference and it really helps in building muscles if consumed for a span of 3 months or so (also it is heavy on stomach, that differs from person to person because we all have different digestive capacity. But generally i feel it a bit heavy on stomach)

    How to take it so that taste & mixability doesn’t comes in your way – put it in mixer or blender with any fruit of sweetened cocoa powder blend for a few mins then drink, (the best fruits to mix with it is banana or chikoo, grapes dont try watermelon or orange it will be pathetic) mixing fruits also changes it’s carbs and sugars content but can’t do anything if want a better taste. I prefer to blend it all and let it freeze 2 hours before my workout so i can eat it in an ice cream form and that is one helluva tasty way to consume it.

    Hope this help!!!

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  3. Vivek Singh

    This product is by far one of the best whey raw protein powder I have ever used. If you are regularly working out this is the best product for you! It mixes very well without lumps or leaving powder residue at the bottom of your shaker or bottle. There are other protein powders which doesn’t mix very well with certain beverages like juice however this one leaves no clumps regardless of whatever you decide to mix it with. This protein is great because its the only good quality ones I could find that is Sugarfree 0g sugar!!! However this says Sugarfree and has natural sweeteners so it is not unsweetened which is a complete different to sugarfree which uses substitute for sweetening.

    Bottom Line is despite of my natural scepticism concerning using supplements, I have found this whey protein with minimal adverse events and this assists me in losing fat and gaining muscles. This blends very well with my diet dishes without changing the taste.!

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  4. Keshav Agarwal

    I got this product after 4-5days of bookig. The packing was good.(Usually i get product in 2-3days)

    The powder is very light just like the talcum powder.

    It tastes good is neutral (not Good nor bad) as its unflavoured I guess. It mixes really well even when stir it with spoon also. The texture was really smooth. I have used it in water. It feels good taking it during pregnancy work out session during mornings.

    1. It’s hundred percent genuine product I have checked with the website provided with the code give.
    2. I am big fan of Muscle Xp products, i have used their many products like BCCA & mainly ordered serval time the multivitamin. Previously during last summer I also tried their Coca Flavoured protein & I liked it.
    3. ‎ I have Already used Muscle XP BCCA it’s really wonderful (except the taste). It deliverys the Stamina needed & helps me a lot as I do anerobic exercise mostly. BCCA helps burning fat instead of muscle during the release of latic acid. Generally I take BCCA during my morning excercise of cycling. As my BCCA was over I thought of giving this one a try.
    4. ‎The ingredients are very nutritious, the added glutamine make it a great product for potential muscle growth.

    I did intensive anerobic exercise after taking it. It feel really good having that extra boost with this product.

    It even has digestive enzymes in it. I took it after 30min of having my dinner & after 15min of taking it I went for outdoor cycling. This days I am doing exercise at nights due to my hetic schedules. This product definitely gave me a boost the night.

    This Product is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Marked & fssai Marked.

    I give this product 9/10 based on its price, quality & quantity.

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    MuscleXP Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Powder With Digestive Enzymes, Unflavored, 1Kg (2.2lb)
    MuscleXP Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Powder With Digestive Enzymes, Unflavored, 1Kg (2.2lb)


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