MyFitFuel Plant Pea Protein Isolate | 1 Kg, 28 Servings (Unflavoured) | Easy to Digest | Vegan Plant Protein Powder

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Last updated on February 4, 2023 5:56 pm
  • Premium 100% Vegetarian Plant based Protein from vegetable (Peas) for Vegans. One of the best nondairy source of protein. Ultra low in fat & almost negligible amount of carbohydrate in every scoop. New Packing of 500gm (1.1 lbs) at same old approx. 450gm (1 lbs) price. Almost approx. 50 gm Extra protein.
  • 30.3gm protein on “Dry basis” and 28gm protein on “As is basis” in Unflavored variant and it provides 5000mg BCAA’s, 4600mg Glutamine & 10.8gm Essential Amino Acids in every scoop in Unflavored. For Nutrition details of other flavor variants of MFF Plant Pea Protein Isolate, please check their nutrition charts.
  • 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) comes with 28 Total Servings. MyFitFuel trusted by 100,000+ happy customers. You can authenticate every MyFitFuel Product through SMS or on our website through given scratch code on product. No Thickeners or Fillers added in this product. No additional Taurine, Glycine or any ingredient added which could lead to Protein Spiking.
  • Easy to Digest, Lactose free, Soy free and Gluten free. Ultra-pure Lab tested protein & ideal for lean growth. Complete transparency, you can check Protein Report about which protein used on MFF Plant Pea Protein Isolate product page on MyFitFuel website. No Dairy Whiteners, No Skim Milk Powder, No Sugar, No Color, No Artificial Flavor or Preservatives added.
  • First in India in year 2013 to bring knowledge on 100% Transparency including information on cheap fillers, thickeners and now in year 2017 we are first in India to bring better education on knowledge of “Dry basis” Protein vs “As is basis” protein.

8 reviews for MyFitFuel Plant Pea Protein Isolate | 1 Kg, 28 Servings (Unflavoured) | Easy to Digest | Vegan Plant Protein Powder

3.5 out of 5
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  1. Vishal

    I have consumed three packets of this in the last 3 months but I am not going to buy it once more in this lifetime. The reason for that is its taste. I used to mix it with banana and peanut butter and it tasted OK at first but now even that tastes, not awful, but not something one would want to drink so finishing the third 1 kg pack is turning out to be a slog.

    If you are a fitness freak like me, you know the sacrifices you make on many things but protein powder should not be one of those things because of the number of plant protein alternatives available which use stevia or even if they use some sugar, a little bit of sugar is OK.

    The only reason one would want to endure this is its price. It’s super cheap but it comes at a cost of you trying to avoid drinking it 🙂

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  2. Rohit

    The product has issues but the ingredients are good so giving four starts. Issues listed below.
    1. The taste is worse that other similar products in the market.
    2. Mix-ability is poor. Very poor. Lumps come for sure. I use a mixer and mix is in a shaker…
    3. The scoop is badly designed. The powder comes out with a splash.
    4. The packaging is not great. The zipper is tight and does not close easily. It is hard to close and many times you think it is closed but it is not.
    5. The powder is very refined so flies in the air even when you close the packet.

    Good ingredients so quality is good…

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  3. UNishant

    I hv been using this product since more than a year and it has been good. However the recently ordered product is not good. It has some strange strong smell just like DDT pestiside powder and faced minor digestion issues after consuming it. Its well within expiry date.

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  4. Rohan Chowdhury

    To start off, I’ve been bodybuilding for over a decade now. Until 2018 I was a proper meat eater, until at the age of 30 I found slightly higher cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. That was the time I moved to vegan diet.
    The amino acid profile is actually perfect on this product except for the Leucine level – which is expected from any vegan source. So the idea is to supplement with Leucine – and I’m relying on MyFitFuel for the same.
    It doesn’t mix well, feels like flour – for anyone who is okay with “sattu atta”, this wont be a problem. Once the meat eating parasites inside you are dead because of overload of veggies, this will not taste bad – trust me on this.
    I remember first time when I had it with veggie+fruit juice mix, I almost puked, in a week I was gulping it like water. Its just first few days which is struggle if you’re “just starting up” with vegan diet.
    The results had been as expected, without Leucine load, it takes me 3 days to recover for one workout, add 1g leucine and the performance for recovery as as good as whey protein.
    I had farts and burps often after whey back in the days, but this one has no such effect, stomach feels light, gets digested pretty fast (for me its been close to as fast as whey concentrate, around 30 mins mark, though its worse than whey isolate for obvious reasons).
    I would recommend this for anyone who wants to add extra protein in their diet. For strength athletes keep the leucine equation in mind – 2.5g to 3g total leucine per meal, and hence add supplemental leucine accordingly and it will be just as good as any fancy stuff.
    Eat healthy, live healthy. Aim for long term goals over short term satisfactions.

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  5. Abhishek Singh

    I have been using myfitfuel for last 1 year. From my experience it is value for money to buy this protein. The best thing I like about them is that you know you are getting original product. Sometimes I even found test report of protein with my order. With regard to the protein:
    Mixability: 8.5
    Taste: unflavored so no taste just drink
    Value: 8.5
    Product quality: 9

    I have used almost all the variation of myfitfuel.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I am only speaking from experience but as soon as I drank 1 scoop if this, I was kicked out of ketosis. Quite disappointed. The carb content is quite low per scoop as per the description. Like I said this is just what happened with me. Does not mean it will happen to everyone but I would carefully experiment with this if you are in ketosis and looking for a vegan protein source like this.

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  7. Surabhi Tomar

    Love the non-whey alternative from Myfitfuel. Absolutely will buy again!

    Some of you may be surprised by the taste, but I am surprised that you never eaten chickpeas?! That’s how it tastes like. Tastes like raw chane (in Hindi).

    If you need, add chocolate powder, sugar or salt — but that will destroy the “healthiness” of the shake.

    Just gulp it down, then gargle with water. It’s not so difficult.

    This product is for you to be healthy, not as a replacement for a late-night ice-cream!

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  8. KS

    Great protein choice in my view. Has a good protein profile except methionine of course. But has plenty of BCAAs as long as you keep mixing your protein sources. Especially great if you want to keep your dairy consumption low. I use this instead of casein as the slow acting protein (by itself or mixed with whey).
    I can feel the difference, especially when compared to As it Is, which I had to buy from flipkart when myfitfuel wasn’t available.
    I am giving a 5 star since I dont care for taste. If you do, then pea protein isn’t for you. Mixability is good but you will need more water compared to whey. Better idea will be to mix in your roti, chilla, etc.
    Highly recommended!

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    MyFitFuel Plant Pea Protein Isolate | 1 Kg, 28 Servings (Unflavoured) | Easy to Digest | Vegan Plant Protein Powder
    MyFitFuel Plant Pea Protein Isolate | 1 Kg, 28 Servings (Unflavoured) | Easy to Digest | Vegan Plant Protein Powder


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