SAVYA HOME Beatle High Back Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Arms and 2D Lumbar Support (Ergonomic Meshback) (Black)

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Last updated on February 4, 2023 12:13 pm
  • ✔Alloy Steel Chrome Plated Base – This is the best base one can have in his chair. Aesthetics are the best amongst all the bases. It is premium and is almost 50% heavier than ordinary plastic and steel bases. It gives almost unlimited life. Its resistant to most weather problems. It provides the best movement and balance. The smooth rolling nylon wheels and our base are perfect with each other. They provide the best rotation and revolving
  • ✔Universal – Whether you use it for home office, study, corporate office, gaming etc. It just fits everywhere.
  • ✔2D Lumbar support – Made of High density Cushion Upholstered with fabric.Has height and depth adjustment feature.
  • ✔Headrest – Made of High density Cushion Upholstered with fabric.Has height and tilt adjustment feature. For adjusting height press the silver button and slide up & down.
  • ✔Adjustable armrest – Height adjustable feature in armrest. It can be adjusted up & down by pressing the button.
  • ✔360 DEGREE SWIVEL & ALLOY STYLE LARGE CASTERS have heavy-duty mirror metal base with 360-degree swivel and nylon smooth-rolling casters.
  • ✔Made in India – Beatle Mid back chair is totally Made in India. It’s a fully loaded chair that comes equipped with all the functions. It’s built for long sitting and comfortable posture. Headrest and Lumbar support for supporting the neck and the lower back.
  • ✔Class 3 Gaslift – Provides Smooth movement and long life.
  • ✔Synchronous Tilting Mechanism – The chair comes equipped with special mechanism that gives you a seat and back tilt synchronization while tilting back. Technically while you tilt back for every 8 cm the back goes back, 2 cm seat moves upward. Tilt tension control feature is also provided in the chair

8 reviews for SAVYA HOME Beatle High Back Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Arms and 2D Lumbar Support (Ergonomic Meshback) (Black)

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  1. Milind J.

    Perfect and comfortable ergonomic chair, some days ago I searched so many chairs but I did not find any perfect one then I saw the latest launched Savya Home Beatle Chair then I purchased it, This chair has all feature specially adjustable features and their material very good, I got relief to my back pain It is really awesome chair.
    All Features included
    Used high-quality material
    Easy to assemble
    How I am feeling I can`t say in a words.

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  2. Milind J.

    The chair is hard to assemble but that’s not the main problem. It’s poorly built with next to zero support from the seller and even Amazon. These types of products are hard to return and hence when you buy it gets stuck.

    Please do not buy this chair. I have received mine with manufacturing issues still the chair was not replaced. And these things are expensive. I have gone through a lot of mental agony to get my problem resolved but in vain.

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  3. Hitesh Kumar

    I had spent a lot of time searching for an ergonomic chair that meets all the necessary features considering daily long hours use and finally decided to order this. This is a good choice within a decent budget. It is sturdy and the aluminium base adds more to that. Armrest adjustment is a cool feature. There was a minor issue with the head rest initially but the support provided was excellent to get the headrest replaced with a new one. All good now. Happy with this purchase overall.

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  4. Hitesh Kumar

    Totally disappointed with product. Base part has rust and scratches on the parts of the chair. Finishing is not at all good. Some of the parts are all ready used or replaced parts.

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  5. Mobile adda

    Very poor quality. Damaged and poorly built product. The photos speak for themselves.
    1. Headrest is the worst. It is loose and the glue has come off. One of the screws does not fit.
    2. Headrest connector welding and assembly are pathetic.
    3. Too many scratches on the back panel on both sides.
    4. Paint has come off from both sides.

    Will write another review after a using the chair for a couple of weeks.

    Posting again after 14 days of usage:
    The headrest has fallen off and I am unable to fix it. Dont think anyone from the seller looks at these reviews because no has even called to ask if I need help!

    Look at the seat aligenment too!
    Disgusting! To say the least 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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  6. PK

    The media could not be loaded.

     Thansk to Savya Support team. I am writing updated review post free servicing and appreciate after sale service of this product. Perhaps product was good but seat rest was slightly bigger than my requirement. Savya team got it fixed repalced during free servicing and now this chair is perfect and very comfortable for my back support.
    Once again, a big thank you to Savya Support team for listening to my concerns and resolving it. The chair is very cosy and apt to my height and weight now. Sitting comfortable backrest is perfect and good for those working long hours.

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  7. Mobile adda

    The media could not be loaded.

     After searching for many days, I came across this chair at Amazon. I thoroughly researched before buying and tried to get a clear understanding about the features of the chair and how ergonomics should be. I read about the various tilting mechanisms and other aspects pertaining to shape of the back, shape of the seat etc.
    How the 5-star base holding the wheel should be.
    Since I did so much research I would like to share my experience with you so that your time can be saved.
    All the pros and cons of this chair are explained under here.
    I will explain starting from the bottom of the chair till the top.
    – Assembly was pretty simple took me like 15 minutes to put it together (They do have uploaded a video of assembly)
    – Wheels look good and are smooth in operation. One little push takes the chair far.
    – Aluminium base I would like to stress on this that this is the best base in all.
    Worst is the black plastic base. Iron pipe base is better than plastic. But this aluminium base is class apart. The balance and the aesthetics are perfect. And the life is practically unlimited as aluminium doesn’t corrode. Finish is polished so no problem of any coating getting worn off.
    – Gas lift is strong and comes with plastic cover.
    – Another main thing is the mechanism chair comes with synchronous tilt lock mechanism which is the latest technology and all my study made me look for this mechanism. Basically, for every 10cm of back tilt there is 2 cm of seat movement. Which makes the chair always touch maximum part of the body and hence provides support and becomes ergonomic
    – Bucket seat looks good has extra thick cushion and is large enough for a heavy fellow. Seems durable
    – Adjustable armrest seems sturdy it also has soft top
    – Backrest looks strong and stable.
    – Lumbar support has 2D adjustment
    – Headrest has height as well as tilt adjustment.

    – Seat size is pretty big so if you want a small seat then this chair is not for you
    (to me it was ok)
    – Cannot think of much at the moment

    Will return in sometime after usage.
    Just wanted to share my experience hope this will help my fellows in deciding.

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  8. Prasad Pasagadugula

    Even though the materials used are of good quality the craftsmanship and the pakagings are abysmal.
    – The gaslift’s casing/cover is completely broken(photo included). This will result in accumulation of dust in the greasy piston and will jam the mechanism.
    – The screw holes milled are not at all perpendicular with the with the bottom plate(photo included) and therefore not able to fit the plate tightly.
    – The paint on the elevation handle has come off which will result in rusting in the future so I have to paint it my self.
    And it seems that different parts of the chairs have been salvaged from other chairs because the seat looks brand new but the gaslift and bottom plates were worn out and dusty.
    The only positive point of the chair is it is made up of sturdy materials but other than that not very satisfied.

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    SAVYA HOME Beatle High Back Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Arms and 2D Lumbar Support (Ergonomic Meshback) (Black)
    SAVYA HOME Beatle High Back Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Arms and 2D Lumbar Support (Ergonomic Meshback) (Black)


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